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Henri Lehmann Art

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Framed Lamentation at the Foot of the Cross
Lamentation at the Foot of the Cross
by Henri Lehmann
21" x 29" Frame
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Henri Lehmann (Born 1814) was born in Kiel, Germany but he became a French historical portraitist and painter. Lehmann was a painter of religious, historical, literary and allegorical works, portraits and genre. At the age of 17, he travelled to Paris to study art under Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. He worked very hard and became one of his most accomplished pupils and a close associate for many years. He drew inspiration from contemporary writers, Shakespeare and classical mythology. Sometimes considered academic and dry, the best of his work can be both graceful in form and pure in line. Among the best of his canvases are: Marriage of Tobias, Adoration of Magi and Shepherds, Venus Anadyomene, Erigone's Dream, Prometheus, Grief of the Oceanides, and Jephtha's Daughter. In 1835 he had his first exhibition at the Salon where he won a 2nd-class medal. Some of his best mural paintings include those in the Throne Hall, Luxembourg Palace, on the ceiling of the Palais de Justice’s Great Hall, and in the chapels of the church of St. Merry. Lehmann painted many portraits of celebrated contemporaries that were well-characterized - Edmond About, Chopin, Marie d'Agoult, Liszt, and Ingres, amongst others. He painted a portrait of himself for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Many people today prefer framed Henri Lehmann art because they come ready to hang with all the required accessories. Apart from painting, Lehmann was also an art teacher. His pupils included Georges Seurat, Modesto Brocos, Alexandre Séon, Camille Pissarro, Édouard Joseph Dantan, Alphonse Osbert, Edmond Aman-Jean, Amédée Forestier, and Julien Dupré. He died in Paris in 1882.
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