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Alma Lee Art

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Alma Lee is an internationally acclaimed artist whose artwork pieces have penetrated global markets. Having been creating art from her childhood and having learnt from some of the best artists, she has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver high quality art. It was in 1985 when Lee, who was pessimistic about exhibiting her work, was convinced by a longtime friend to display her work in an art gallery. That marked the beginning of her success in the art industry, earning more sales and commissions that further strengthened her art making resolve. Lee has also developed a unique approach to art making, something that makes her creative pieces easily identifiable and appealing. She has created artwork for Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy shows besides having worked with several other institutions and individuals. Lee’s creative pieces are often realistic and have some light touch. Although not widely publicized, Lee has also been involved in designing high fashion dolls and doll clothing. She believes that an artist is not just supposed to create art, but rather use it to build a legacy. It’s this deeply held feeling that has seen her create impressive art over the years. She owns and runs a gallery where she sells her artwork. Through her gallery, she’s been able to create networks with diverse customers and artists as well as win several commissions. Her works are also found in several other galleries and collections, with framed Alma Lee art also available for those who would like ready art for the wall.
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