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Marie Laurencin Art

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Marie Laurencin (1883 - 1956) was born in Paris. She was raised by her mother and lived much of her life doing works of art. At 18, her mother sent her to Sèvres where she studied porcelain painting. During the First World War, she left France for exile in Spain with her husband, German-born Baron Otto von Waëtjen; this is because through her marriage she had lost her French citizenship automatically. Marie with her husband subsequently lived together briefly in Düsseldorf. In 1920 they divorced, and Marie returned to Paris, where she achieved financial success as an artist until the 1930s during the economic depression. During the 1930s she worked at a private school as an art instructor. When she returned to Paris she continued with her art education at the Académie Humbert, where oil painting became her main focus. Marie lived in Paris until her death. Her works include prints, drawings, watercolors, and paintings. She is known as one of the few female Cubist painters, with Franciska Clausen, Marie Vorobieff, and Sonia Delaunay. She developed a unique approach to abstraction which habitually centered on the representation of female portraits and groups of women. Her work shows the influence of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso who are both Cubist painters. Many clients prefer to purchase framed Marie Laurencin art because they come ready to hang with all the necessary accessories. Her art has therefore found it way into many spaces and into the hands of some of the most esteemed clients in Paris and beyond.
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