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Charles Lane Art

Charles Lane was born and raised up in rural Hertfordshire. He fell in love with art, especially photography, at a very tender age. In fact, he got his first camera when he was 5 years old, and that’s how he got hooked to photography. His artistic ability was discovered at that young age and he was lucky to receive support from family, friends and teachers. He knew that he would become a professional photographer later on in life. He also knew that if he wanted to ever be a successful photographer he would need to practice a lot and that’s exactly what he did. What excites lane about a camera is that it takes just fraction of a second to capture images that are memorable. He says that photography is timeless and what a camera produces is able to stir any emotion conceivable. Lane shoots mainly digital now, although he learned on film, and he still utilizes the skills of care and patience that come from using T-Max and Ektar 25. Today, framed Charles Lane art continue to inspire many photographers. His works are exceptionally good and most of them are privately commissioned. His inspiration comes from landscape greats such as James Ravilious and Ansel Adams and the insight and beauty of Bill Henson and Rankin. Lane loves photography and says while he’s at it he feels like he’s in his own little world where nothing else matters - a world of suspended beliefs and dreams. When he’s working in the studio, he listens to anything sung by women. His favorites are songs by Goldfrap, Gabrielle Aplin, Lana Del Rey and Claire Maguire.
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