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Vanna Lam Art

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Vanna Lam holds a BFA in Craft & Material Studies. She’s inspired by the array of forms and patterns that nature provides. She’s enthralled by the freshness of color. She loves color and uses a lot of it to make her art look more realistic. Her art is characterized by sensual lines, defined yet complex, allowing her art to create a mindscape of its own. Vanna understand what she’s doing and also understands the needs of her clients. She’s been in the arts industry for several years and is confident enough to take even the most complex projects that her fellow artists can ran away from. Vanna is good at beating deadlines, and she does this within the stipulated budget. Since her graduation, she has worked for a number of companies including an art publishing company in Richmond, Va. She also worked for Old World Group as a production watercolor artist. She’s now an Embellished Production artist in the same company. The company has a new name called World Art Group. Apart from working with various mediums, papers, gels, acrylics, leafing and molding pastes, she’s also a published artist through her employer. Vanna participated in art180, ThinkSmall and made various art donations throughout the community of non-profit organizations. The artist is dedicated to her art, whether through her personal works or through her employer. Lam had various private art shows in Richmond. Those who want her art can get them as framed Vanna Lam art or in other finishing options of their choice.
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