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Frantisek Kupka Art

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Frantisek Kupka (Born in 1871) was born in Opočno in Austria-Hungary, in eastern Bohemia. After his studies at the Prague Art Academy from 1889 to 1892, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he specialized in allegorical and symbolic subjects. During his time at the Prague Art Academy, he painted patriotic and historical themes. He’s known for landscapes, illustration, abstract painting, human figures and genre. In 1894, Kupka exhibited at the Kunstverein, Vienna. This exhibition was very successful and it was followed by many others which were equally successful. The vision, passion, and artistic talent of Kupka is shared in many galleries through an extensive selection of his works, and he enjoyed every opportunity to invite visitors to more fully share the beauty and sources of his artistic inspiration. Many of his paintings are abstract. He pursued a career as an illustrator creating freelance illustrations for magazines and newspapers. During his early years in Paris, he worked as an illustrator of posters and books. He died in 1957 in Puteaux, France in 1892, leaving behind a treasure of artwork mainly as framed Frantisek Kupka art. Today, his artwork is also available online. On top of the gallery exhibitions, his images are currently licensed for various products from a variety of companies. By the spring of 1896 the artist had settled in Paris. Here Kupka attended the Julian Academy briefly and then studied at the School of Fine Arts with Jean-Pierre Laurens, a renowned artist of his time.
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