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Rebecca Koury Art

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Framed Circle Tapestry
Circle Tapestry
by Rebecca Koury
39" x 39" Frame
Price: $827.99 
Sale: $413.99
Framed Nature's Way50% Off Art Prints
Nature's Way
by Rebecca Koury
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $189.99 
Sale: $94.99
Framed Wild Blue Yonder50% Off Art Prints
Wild Blue Yonder
by Rebecca Koury
18" x 17" Frame
Price: $185.99 
Sale: $92.99
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3 Items
From her early years into adulthood, Rebecca Koury has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the U. S., Italy, Mexico, and some areas of Southeast Asia. This has exposed her to many cultures and diverse forms of art. She’s now fascinated with other cultures, both contemporary and ancient. Her works of art aim to blend both influences of current and ancient cultures. She loves the process of discovering how her own life intersects with these influences and is not separate from them. These influences suggest to her that human beings are not separate from each other or the earth they inhabit. They also suggest to her that no matter what time or culture human beings are living in, they can still find some similarities. She says that the most important is the 'feeling' she gets from these experiences and how she interprets and expresses them. Rebecca holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas in Austin where she majored in sculpture and Minored in Art History. Textured surfaces and rich layers of color based on patterns from written language, fabric, nature, symbols and ancient ruins are all part of her painting vocabulary. Even as a child, Rebecca was always creating collages on the walls, organizing and rearranging her room, and collecting beautiful and unusual objects, such as bits of exotic fabric, ribbons, shells, rocks, trims and boxes. Her passion for collage and fascination with texture stems from her background which is highly sculptural. She produces unique art which are easy to recognize, especially the framed Rebecca Koury art.
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