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Georg Karl Koch Art

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Georg Karl Koch (Born 1857) loved art since his childhood and he was lucky to have a father who was also an artist. Koch engaged himself in works of art whenever he had any free time. His father noticed this and gave him his first lessons. His father guided and supported throughout his journey to become a professional artist. Koch was a multi-talented artist – he was a lithographer, painter, sport painter, wood cutter, historical-scenes painter, an animal painter and illustrator. He studied art at Berlin Academy where he was Karl Gussow’s pupil. At the academy, he interacted with many talented pupils and many professional artists who helped to improve his work. He worked so hard and in 1874 the Berlin Academy held an exhibition which featured his art titled Waldpartie mit Rehen. His art was received warmly by the attendees and that’s how he got into the limelight. Within a short time he became to be known as one of the best artists in Berlin and his art was much sought after, especially the ready to hang framed Georg Karl Koch art. Several companies from many countries sought his services and in the years that followed he mainly painted dioramas and panoramas for Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and even cities in the US. Later, animals were starting to become his favorite motifs and he particularly made a name for himself with realistically rendered military, sporting and hunting works. Koch was a member of the Verein Berliner Künstler and he was voted on the board of the Academy of Arts in 1886. Many of his paintings were given to clubs of officers such as the Hannover’s Royal Ulan Regiment.
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