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Conrad Knutsen Art

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Conrad Knutsen (Born in 1954) was born in New York. Since the age of twenty, he has been pursuing an artistic career very actively. He has more than 3 decades of professional experience as a commercial illustrator and fine artist. His work is exhibited in many galleries across the U.S. and has been published in many publications. He’s currently illustrating a series of images for postage stamps for countries around the world. Knutsen is an extremely versatile designer and artist whose love of art has been a lifelong obsession. His art is realistic in nature, but he likes to play with texture and color to evoke a simple beauty to his viewers. During his free time he enjoys teaching art at a nearby college. He enjoys a variety of subjects but is excited by the feeling of nature reflected in all his still lifes. Currently Knutsen and his wife reside in Pennsylvania, a more rural area of New Jersey, and he has had a diverse and broad background in the arts. He currently pursues his fine art from his studio in the country and works as a freelance illustrator. As well as being a designer of textile goods and an educator of art design on a college level, Knutsen has also been creating pieces of art for national and international distribution. The artist has won numerous awards during his career. And the framed Conrad Knutsen art can be seen hanging on the walls of some of the most prestigious buildings, galleries, institutions, and homes around the globe. His abilities include a mastery of acrylics, oils, silk screening, intaglio printing, watercolors, and most recently the digital arts.
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