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Diane Knowles Art

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Diane Knowles is a fine art artist whose artistic works are mainly inspired by her surroundings. She, therefore, creates her artistic pieces by keenly observing her subjects. This allows her to cover a variety of subjects drawn from nature and man-made objects. Diane's art would be inspired by anything from the effect of light on a leaf, powerful color combination from nature's elements, a seed pod shape. All these inspire her to create art that put a smile on the face of the viewer. She has been painting for many years, having started at the age of eleven when she received a set of oil paints as a gift. Diane created several folk art pieces that were commercialized through the Atlanta Merchandise Mart and several other cities. She introduced herself to the home decor industry at some point in her career, later becoming a major influence in the direction she took as a painter, creating creative wall art hangings and home signs. Diane is married to her high school sweetheart with whom they have three daughters. At some point in her career, a new door opened after one of her daughters invited her two patents to help with the design and painting of furniture. It's through that invitation and involvement in the process that Daystar Designs was established. Through the company and her existing network, she's compelled to travel to diverse locations across the country to paint murals and decorative works for diverse customers. Most of her studio time is however spent on painting art and furniture. She also creates art for Penny Lane Publishing, providing her with a great opening to share her creativity with the world. Her creative pieces can be found in a number of galleries and collections. Those who would like to use laminated, canvas, or framed Diane Knowles art in their interiors can get them ready in diverse art outlets.
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