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Carrie Knoff Art

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Carrie L. Knoff is a painter known for her creative pieces that mainly consist of antiquity and diverse old patterns. From old bath settings to a variety of other antiques, she ensures that she delivers them in the most recognizable style. Carrie got to appreciate and master such subjects since they defined her countryside setting where they moved to when she was 6 years old. The other subjects she covered were old buildings and farmhouses. Carrie was born to a musician father and painter mother. She fell in love with painting at a young age, having been close to her artist mother. She got so fascinated with the moments when her mother would transform simple drawings into attractive illustrations by adding a variety of creative elements to make them more alluring. The countryside life became interesting to her and she just loved how calm it was there. Drawing her subjects mainly from her surroundings, she was able to master them such that replicating them through her art wasn’t much of a problem. Carrie ensured that every piece she created was unique and was given its due attention. And it’s why her artistic works are characterized by that primitive countryside look. Her main medium is acrylic. She has been consistent in her art making over the years and has also embraced digital art. She derives her motivation from the results of her work, family, and the feedback she receives from her audience. Her works are available in diverse locations and have been exhibited in shows around the U.S. Framed Carrie Knoff art pieces are also available for those who would like ready art for installation.
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