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Kate Knight Art

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Kate Knight holds a BA degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design. She graduated in 2005 and since then has been producing attractive pieces of art. In 2010, she was selected as the runner-up for the Marmite Prize for Painting. The painting was titled ‘Illuminated’ and it was that of a hangman’s noose. She’s currently based in Kent and she works primarily with object and figurative based imagery, aiming to portray the aesthetics of death, desire and sex - aiming to recall the memory of the body as well as descriptive. Kate produces provocative works that are harsh, playful and humorous. However, this response is loaded and bound in melancholy in a state of waiting, like a frozen moment or an inhalation. Her compositions establish a series of graphic signs aimed at evoking a narrative whether fleeting or epic. She currently explores watercolor but at the same time works in oil. This crossover began when she was inspired by the imagery of the Sacred Heart and started with anatomical studies of the human heart. Her love of art grew out of the passion she has for flowers, pattern and color. Pushing herself to create exciting and bold designs is something she thrives on. She’s always striving to produce pieces of art that are perfect. It helps keep her designs fresh, and in turn means her portfolio is always evolving. The freshness of her designs can easily be seen in the framed Kate Knight art which can be used to decorate any space.
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