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Johannes Kip Art

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Framed Little Girl in Blue
Little Girl in Blue
by Johannes Kip
24" x 28" Frame
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Johannes Kip (Born 1652/53) was born in Amsterdam. He was one of the finest topographical engravers in England from the late 17th to the early 18th centuries. He first worked and studied in his native Holland until he moved to London permanently after the revolution of 1688. In his lifetime, he created a number of natural history portraits and engravings but today his work is almost exclusively sought after for the large engravings of the most famous estates and homes of England. Kip was a print dealer, engraver and draftsman. At the same time he worked for a number of publishers in London producing engravings after such artists as Barlow Francis and Gabriel Cibber Caius, mainly for book illustrations. The linked careers of Leonard Knyff and Kip made an area of expertise to be of engraved views of country houses of England, represented from the bird's-eye view and in detail, a pictorial convention for topography. Their major work was published in the winter of 1708/9). The publication is counted among the most significant topographical publications of England in the 18th century. Kip was a pupil of Stopendaal Bastiaen from 1668 to 1670 before he set up on his own. After producing works in Amsterdam for the court of William of Orange, he followed Mary and William to London and settled in Farringdon in St. John Street. Today framed Johannes Kip art is much sought after because they tell the history of England. Many architectural firms hang them on their walls.
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