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Daniel Kime Art

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Framed Cosmic Green
Cosmic Green
by Daniel Kime
49" x 39"
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Daniel Kime (Born 1964) is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. His paintings seem to be a visual equivalent of the more indefinable sounds of music. From an early age, Kime showed a discernible talent in two areas of creativity: the visual arts and music. As he gains more experienced with the use of color and line, he says, he begins to see a strong correlation between combinations of musical notes and combinations of colors. Throughout his early life, he kept swinging back and forth between the two interests (music and visual arts) and this seemed to be his way of life. His talent was noted by many early enough and he received encouragement and support from those who cared. Kime believes that Kadinsky was right when he related instruments to color and the frequency range into which they fell. Kadinsky also stated that the quality of a painted line or a drawn line can be related to the pressure with which a guitar string is struck. Kime believes in all these and a further assertion by Kadinsky that a soft line is like the gentle plucking of a note, while a heavier line or broader aggressive brush stroke corresponds to a harder pressure. “The dynamics of sound have a profound relationship with the dynamics of line, shape and color, invoking emotions and movements affecting people on many levels”, he says. At the beginning of 1980 and during much of the decade that followed, Kime worked on the creation of a personal style of abstract painting. He therefore developed his own way of managing and applying the materials. Today framed Daniel Kime art are much sought after by many discerning collectors.
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