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Christa Kieffer Art

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Christa Kieffer is a professional artist who was born in Tubingen, Germany. Her potential was recognized by her intuitive kindergarten teacher who then provided her with a quiet place to draw and paint. , Christa’s earliest memories are of painting and filling any open space with images. Christa studied extensively throughout Europe then moved to the U.S. to attend the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. To her, the most appealing thing is the transition of light. She gets great pleasure out of capturing the magical hour in the evening, when hundreds of electric lights mixed with the light of the waning day and the traditional gas lanterns, when the streets filled with omnibuses and carriages and crowds of strollers, and the anticipation of the coming night life. She works primarily in oil on canvas and often used glazes to create a luminous feel and look to her paintings. Her paintings are habitually about the ‘City as Playground’ at a time when there seemed to be the ideal balance of tranquility and movement, leisure and excitement, small pleasures in the midst of architectural splendor. She was awarded a fellowship to complete her Masters of Fine Arts degree, and after graduation she went on to teach a special class for gifted high school students. Today, framed Christa Kieffer art can be found in several outlets all over the world. She has received numerous commissions from various companies, including Caspari, Simon and Schuster, the Royal Mail of England, the NFL Digitek Corporation, and Portal Publication.
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