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Gayle Kabaker Art

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Framed Friends from the Magic Jungle
Friends from the Magic Jungle
by Gayle Kabaker
39" x 19" Frame
Price: $280.24 
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Gayle Kabaker has been an illustrator her whole adult life. Ever since she can remember she loved to draw. And ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be a fashion illustrator. She was lucky enough to get people who noticed her talent and supported her. After graduating from the Academy of Art in San Francisco she began freelancing and has never stopped. Gayle now teaches drawing for the Academy’s online degree program. She loves coming up with solutions to all types of challenges for design and illustration projects. One of her favorite things to do is to make connections and to collaborate – get the right talents together and know that it is the perfect team for the project. Her work is used in lots of different ways: for marketing collateral, for fashion and general illustration, animation, editorial, web design, brand and logo development and more. Whether it’s a campaign or film, concert design job, fundraiser, she says that a solid team makes all the difference and recruiting the right folks for any given job is one of the things she does best. Editors & musicians, filmmakers, animators - not many things she loves more than having a project where she can work with a team of creative people. Gayle was a fashion illustrator until she met her husband, Peter Kitchell who is an artist and they moved together to the boonies of Western Massachusetts. Here she began to expand her horizons into pretty much anything that would appeal to her loose line type of drawing. Today, she produces high quality art distributed mainly as framed Gayle Kabaker art.
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