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Loui Jover Art

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Australian-based artist Loui Jover (Born 1967) has a unique style of art. His artistic journey began in his early childhood. At such a young age, he felt the need to experiment on his creativity and was greatly influenced by the works of Picasso. Jover claims to have been inspired by childhood and adult experiences in such mundane issues as writing, music, and a natural searching instinct. He grew up with an artistic and creative father who was a great inspiration to him. He has also worked on a number of sculptural pieces too. Jover began painting using oil and acrylic canvas early in his career. For many years he worked solely on paper painted with gouache and ink but also draws on different surfaces such as white paper and recycled sheets. He uses the intense lines to dictate emotions. He also likes working with images cut from old printed stock and on collage pieces made from colored papers. In 1980, Jover began his studies through a correspondence course from Melbourne Art Institute in which he studied graphic and commercial art. He also holds a Visual Communication Advanced Certificate that he attained in 1994. His works have been hailed as truly emotional and creative. The images also incorporate couples in intensely emotional states. Jover is much recognized for his successful solo exhibitions and the many collective and group shows he has held. He produces art in many finishing options; with the most popular being the ready to hang framed Loui Jover art.
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