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Catherine Jones Art

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Jeffrey Catherine Jones (10 January, 1944 – 19 May, 2011) was an artist who earned world-wide respect for her book covers and numerous fine art pieces. She created several drawings that provided outlines for her paintings, covering diverse topics that she embraced in her art. Jones got interested in art at a young age and had interest in different artistic disciplines. However, later in her life, she focused on creating illustrations and comic. She went to Georgia State College, currently Georgia State University, where she studied geology. Jones was passionate about science and was still fascinated with the idea of becoming a scientist. After completing her college studies, however, she embarked on professional art as an illustrator and a cartoonist. Her first main job was a drawing she did for Witzend in 1966. During her own time, Jones used to create her own then presenting them to different magazines, including The East Village Other and Screw Magazine, with the hope of having the published. She succeeded in having some published and earning from them. The year 1967 was a major turning point in her career. She took a trip to New York to establish her art career and found the place favorable for her art; she got a job and settled there. Jones worked for different companies, namely, DC comics, Fantastic and Amazing. She faced personal challenges, particularly when she transgendered, having to change her name from Jeff Jones at the age of 55. In 1998, she went through hormone replacement to become fully female. She didn’t stop creating art still. Jones later passed on in 2011 after suffering from bronchitis and emphysema. Besides her works that are displayed in a variety of collections, framed Jeffrey Catherine Jones art are also available for those who would like ready to hang pieces.
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