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Joan Miro Framed Prints

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Framed Hunter
by Joan Miro
35" x 26" Frame
Price: $311.99 
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Framed Joan Miro Artwork

A father to the abstract artistic movement, Joan Miro was a forerunner of the times. His paintings offend were comprised of clutter and crowded scenes of chaos, elements of shapes intermingling with bright and vivid coloring. There is a sense of disorder and confusion, almost as though the viewer is getting lost within the paintings. Framed Joan Miro artwork is the perfect addition to any abstract art lovers collection.

Framed Joan Miro paintings all feature scenes of total chaos and disorder. “Carnival of Harlequin” by Joan Miro depicts the busy scene of a Harlequin carnival, as big top performers composed of wild shapes and vivid colors mill about. “May, 1968” by Joan Miro is a painting that evokes emotions of uncertainty and frustration, as bursts of color are poured over with streaks of jet black streams that appear like tears.
Framed Joan Miro art renders what seems like the everyday and makes it outrageous in abstraction. “L’etoile Bley” by Joan Miro depicts a blue starfish splattered with red paint and surrounded by abstract creatures in bold colors of navy blue, greens, yellow, and reds. “The Singing Fish” by Joan Miro captures a fish in a scene of abstract shapes in different sizes as it begins to sing a tune.

“Chanteuse Melancolique” by Joan Miro features an abstract shape that almost appears to be like the outline of a person checkered in blocks of red, blue, green, and orange. “Dog Barking at the Moon” by Joan Miro is slightly different than his classic abstract art pieces, as what is only a slightly abstract dog howls at the moon in the dead of night.
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