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Carol Jessen Art

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Framed Fifty-Seventh Street
Fifty-Seventh Street
by Carol Jessen
28" x 36" Frame
Price: $369.99 
Sale: $369.99
Framed Twenty-Seventh Avenue
Twenty-Seventh Avenue
by Carol Jessen
28" x 36" Frame
Price: $370.99 
Sale: $370.99
Framed Night Lanterns
Night Lanterns
by Carol Jessen
32" x 44" Frame
Price: $448.99 
Sale: $448.99
Framed Tuscan Villa
Tuscan Villa
by Carol Jessen
40" x 27" Frame
Price: $386.99 
Sale: $386.99
Framed Abbazia
by Carol Jessen
25" x 30" Frame
Price: $299.99 
Sale: $299.99
Framed Manhattan Shimmer
Manhattan Shimmer
by Carol Jessen
28" x 36" Frame
Price: $367.99 
Sale: $367.99
Framed Cafe Europa
Cafe Europa
by Carol Jessen
38" x 29" Frame
Price: $383.99 
Sale: $383.99
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7 Items
Carol Jessen has worked as an artist in San Francisco for close to 20 years. Her principal mediums are Japanese woodblock printing, pastel, and oil painting. Her approach to developing and designing her posters, prints and art reflects her interest in capturing the fleeting moods of landscapes and cityscapes as they are transformed by rain, fog, light and darkness. Carol traveled widely throughout Europe and Asia, accumulating images through photography and through sketching and painting on site. She has also lived in Japan. Carol uses the photograph a point of departure and as a frame of reference. She doesn’t reproduce the images exactly since the images she produces are highly subjective and in essence expresses her feelings about the tension between form and content. The process of developing her posters, oil painting, art and prints begins with many small charcoal sketches that she further develops by drawing full color pastels or painting small loose oil paintings. She then sketches the full size image to the canvas with charcoal. Her painting evolves by building up many thin layers of paint to achieve vivacious colors that she finishes with a layer of damar varnish. She makes the pastels with many layers of the soft and finest pigmented pastels she draws on an archival fiber paper which evokes a rich paint quality. Framed Carol Jessen art are in great demand in the United States and beyond. She’s self-taught in techniques of pastel and oil painting – though she studied privately with Toshi Yoshida and William Lansberg and attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She was commissioned to design and paint the Sausalito Art Festival Poster which was reprinted after being sold out. Two of her woodblock prints are held by The Cleveland Museum in their permanent collection of Art.
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