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Jessica Jenney Art

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Jessica Jenney is an award-winning photographer based in New York City. In the presentation of her small section of the world, her art has captured hearts of many around the globe, and they have found their way into collections in almost every continent. Jessica captures the natural world with a romantic flair and with an emphasis on intimate landscapes. With her sensitive eye to detail, the artist compellingly and successfully captures the soul and heart of the man-made as well as the natural world. Today, framed Jessica Jenney art adorns the walls of many building all over the world. She likes to travel a lot and her inspiration comes from these travels – the people she meets and the places she visits. Those who purchase her art do so because they are attractive, durable and inspiring. She deals with a variety of subject matter to increase the collectability of her art. With her style of photography, her art looks very realistic. She wants her viewers to experience the same joy she felt while taking the photographs. The relaxing beauty of her ethereal landscape and floral images transcends place and time. Jessica is still open to learning. She frequents art galleries and museums to observe and learn from the works of other photographers. She produces art in a variety of formats and forms and even has monochrome images on sale. Her black-and-white photographs of NYC’s architecture present a poignant beauty of this grand city with all of its feats of engineering and beautiful buildings. Jessica’s work is licensed with PI Creative Art.
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