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Christo (Javacheff) Art

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Framed Gates, Project for Central Park, New York City
Gates, Project for Central Park, New York City
by Christo (Javacheff)
14" x 17" Frame
Price: $171.99 
Sale: $85.99
Framed Wrapped Reichstag Project for Berlin
Wrapped Reichstag Project for Berlin
by Christo (Javacheff)
31" x 36" Frame
Price: $396.99 
Sale: $198.49
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2 Items
Christo (Javacheff) (Born 1935) was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. He’s known in the professional circles simply as Christo. 1961 heralded the beginning of his large-scale projects, at the occasion in which he had his first one-man exhibition in which he stacked oil drums that he'd tied together with ropes at the Cologne harbor and covered with tarpaulin. He’s a controversial environmental artist who from 1952 to 1956, studied stage design and sculpture at the Sofia academy of fine arts, and spent a semester at the 'Kunstakademie' (Vienna), where he was introduced to the movement of Russian Constructivism. In 1958, he moved to Paris where he produced his first wrapped objects and packages: stacks of magazines, chairs, and bundles of everyday items. His projects took on environmentally large-scale proportions after 1968 - such as a wrapped one-mile stretch of Australian coastline and wrapped buildings, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Christo has been working together with his wife since the 1990s. They use the name 'Christo and Jeanne-Claude.' After about four years of working together, the couple received the approval of the German parliament for a project to wrap the Reichstag building. This project began and was completed in 1995. The couple exclusively finances their projects through donations. They also sell sketches in order to remain independent from the public authorities and sponsors. The couple lives together in New York. They produce several pieces of art and currently framed Christo (Javacheff) art is a common sight in many buildings.
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