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Charles wesley Jarvis Art

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Charles Wesley Jarvis (born 1812) was raised by his mother's family in Long Island (Oyster Bay). He was the son of John Wesley Jarvis, the well-known portraitist. He did not have a happy childhood. He was neglected by his profligate father who never even gave him instruction in painting. He was taken by Henry Inman as an assistant – Henry had been his father’s apprentice so he took Jarvis as a return favor. From 1831 to 1834, Jarvis worked with Henry in New York and Philadelphia. In 1835, he returned to New York, where he exhibited occasionally at the Apollo Association and the National Academy of Design. He also set up his own portrait studio. 19 years later, he moved to Newark, New Jersey. However, his studio in New York remained in operation until his death in 1868. It seems that Jarvis only worked briefly as a miniaturist. He listed himself in the directory of the city as a miniature painter just once, in 1845, but he never exhibited his miniatures. There’re no well-documented miniatures by Jarvis and this makes an evaluation of his style difficult. That notwithstanding, his as was very popular then and even today framed Charles Wesley Jarvis art are in great demand all over the world. For inspiration and commissions, Jarvis traveled to major cities, such as Charleston, South Carolina, Maryland, and Baltimore, while at the same time maintaining his headquarters in New York. Jarvis’ art career might have been overshadowed by that of his father who was more famous. But recent scholars have re-attributed many works to his hand that were once thought to be his father's.
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