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Ninalee Irani Art

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Artist Ninalee Irani was born and brought up in Calgary, Alberta. Lately she has been painting good-humored landscapes in finely tuned colors that are designed to help viewers feel like they are in an environment completely at peace and void of anything serious. She wants her viewers to feel that peace, so stepping into these scenes erases all responsibilities to schedules, bills, people duties and emails. Her brush strokes are largely not mixed and she omits the fine details to give the eye of the viewer a break. Ninalee has enough figuring out to do – it’s her hope that everyone who takes the time to view her art will leave the painting feeling light-hearted. Her studio is filled with objects, images and books that influence her artwork. Her most favorite piece is a small piece of art that was done by Marine Carol, the painter whom she gives credit to for teaching her how to appreciate the appearance of bold brushstrokes and to loosen up. Ninalee currently lives and works in Washington on Bainbridge Island, where she is happy and grateful for a spirited, active and supportive art community. Her children’s art supplies and the works done by her husband who’s a creative director, have also found their places in her studio, and have made it obvious that art is a family affair. Ninalee has been interested in the visual arts since her childhood. Her work is mostly comprised of birds, warm landscapes, and florals. Nature lover like to purchase framed Ninalee Irani art. She prefers to paint subjects that are short-lived in some way.
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