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Framed Inspired By Miro

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Framed Sur La Table II
Sur La Table II
by Mark Cabral
12" x 18" Frame
Price: $94.39 
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Framed Art Inspired By Miro Prints

The abstract styling of Joan Miro has had a lasting impact upon the abstract artistic community. Known for using bright colors and unique shapes with bold lines, the style of Miro has been captured in framed inspired by Miro artwork.

Artists like Alfred Gockel and Laurie Maitland have both contributed framed inspired by Miro art that evoke the abstract style of Miro. “Jazz on the Circle” by Alfred Gockel, is comprised of bright reds, blues, greens, and oranges as it paints a scene of jazz players as they swirl into melding colors. “Watery Hollow I” by Laurie Maitland is a moody and bleak abstract painting that utilizes the dark colors melding together in the background as a splattering of white and black paint mingle and ungulate above.
Both abstract and capturing the essence of Miro, both Terri Burris and Tony Saladino have contributed framed inspired by Miro paitings that tell very different stories. Meek and done in drab colors that pull out emotions, “Vanishing Train” by Terri Burris is a nod to the abstract stylings of Joan Miro. “Golden Field” by Tony Saladino utilizes the same bright colors that Miro so loved to use in his paintings to depict a chaotically structured scene of shapes and colors.

“Echoes Through the First Gate” by John McCormick is an abstract painting that pulls in washes of gold and contrasting black, with faded rings of blue, red, and green, to emulate the projection of sound beyond. “Calando” by Sara Chang is a delicate and bright abstract print, that showcases splatters of vivid color over a light background.
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