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Magda Indigo Art

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Magda Indigo is a passionate professional photographer. She’s a Belgian, born in Bruges, in Flanders, who happily lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, Paul Indigo who’s also a photographer. Magda passionately hates the idea of being with it; she thinks an artist has always to be out of step with his time as Welles Orson said. For her, photography is a way of life. She says we all have our preferences but for a good photographer who knows what she's doing... you can’t do something else. It is all about creativity, light, emotion and beauty, not only technical prowess, without emotion or creativity a “perfect” image is just a “picture.” Magda is a versatile photographer who does not fit into just one little box. She’s also a blogger who runs a non-commercial blog. her work has featured on TV, book covers, communications and advertising for global brands including Microsoft, Harper Collins, Hallmark, Samsung, American Express Random House, McCann Erickson, Accenture, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Jet2.com, Marks and Spencer, The BBC, Fiat, MTV, Hallmark, Avon, and Publicis Life Brands, just to name a few. She has a loyal following on the world’s largest photo sharing site, Flickr. Her fans are always on the lookout for her new productions. She likes sharing those precious moments. When one sees her images, she hopes they will speak to them and release an emotion. The ready to hang framed Magda Indigo art has caused a lot of excitement among collectors because they are in great demand.
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