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Stephen Huneck Art

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Stephen Huneck (1948 - 2010) was an American author, furniture maker, wood carving artist and painter. He was bon in Columbus, Ohio, and raised in Sudbury, Mass. Huneck was severely dyslexic and unhappy in a home he described considered as turbulent. At 17 he left the home with only 33 cents in his pocket. He later studied at the Massachusetts College of Art before he became an antiques dealer. He taught himself how to carve through repairing wooden pieces. In 1984, one of Huneck’s original carvings caught the eye of a New York dealer who bought it at $1,000, and Huneck was soon making art full time. He received commissions from politicians and celebrities including US Senator Patrick Leahy, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Sandra Bullock. In 1997, Huneck started work building a chapel dedicated to dogs. This was after he suffered a near death experience due to an acute respiratory distress syndrome. Situated next to his studio in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the Dog Chapel took three years to complete. The chapel boasts large doors, a dog door, and dog themed stained glass windows. Lining the pews are large carved wooden dogs, and the inner walls are covered with pictures and notes of remembrance for visitors' deceased dogs. The Dog Chapel was opened in 2000 and it has been a popular tourist attraction since then. Huneck’s work is sought after by many collectors, often featured in the news media and exhibited widely. That’s why framed Stephen Huneck art have found their way into many collections worldwide.
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