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Henricus Hondius Art

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Henricus Hondius (Born 1597 – Bied 1651) was born in Amsterdam. He was a cartographer, publisher and engraver. He loved art from his childhood. In fact in his childhood, he was already producing very beautiful works of art. He could always fill his free time with drawing on any surface that was available. He knew that one day he would become a professional artist. Everyone around him knew he would become and artist. He was the son of the famous cartographer Hondius Jodocus who was known for his map making business in the city. His talent made him to receive orders from some of the most prestigious clients in Amsterdam and beyond. Whatever he did, he liked to take a design approach to make the product look attractive. Hondius created everything as a collection and a series or just as a series, and he intended everything to develop a life of its own. After the death of his father in 1612, he co-ran his father’s business with his brother-in-law. After nine years, he opened his own company in his hometown and continued to produce the maps. The artist always had great sell-through with his products and he spent a lot of time studying his customers’ behaviors and trends so that he could effectively satisfy their needs. The framed Henricus Hondius art are still in great demand to date. They are available from many outlets all over the world. Many of his clients purchase his art because they are educative. He frequently reproduced his paintings in various forms.
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