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Framed Alan Hoelzle Wall Art

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Framed Seaside
by Alan Hoelzle
42" x 22" Frame
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Alan Hoelzle is a renowned landscape photographer who’s famed for his striking photographs that stem from a combination of both long standing experience and creative imaginations. He has captured landscapes across the globe and has traveled far and wide, having been to Turkey, Thailand, India and Israel. As he looks for the best landscapes and moments, he's explored several places in the U.S. and has ensured that he captures the most definitive landscapes. One thing about his images is that they remain evocative and are characterized with intense colors, fuzzy light effects, and deliver properly expressed mood. Hoelzle’s works are defined by a unique ability to capture typical settings in a manner that generates interest in them. As such, his works are delivered in a manner that portrays beauty beyond what one would see in a natural setting. Hoelzle uses a powerful camera, particularly a medium format camera to capture his images. His images are known for their portrayal of natural light without the use of any manipulation or digital enhancements, allowing them to appear as natural as possible. Hoelzle ensures that every artwork is specially printed according to specifications before signing them. He has his works displayed in diverse galleries across the U.S. and are also found in numerous collections globally. Throughout his photography career, he’s maintained great quality and depth, ensuring that all his works remain professional. For those who want ready to hang art, several galleries sell framed Alan Hoelzle art although there are several other finishing options available.
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