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George Hill Art

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George Hill (Born in 1898) was a muralist from the United States. The founder of the Hill School of Art in St. Petersburg, Hill was both a painter and sculptor was born in Munising, Michigan. He lived in St. Petersburg, Florida until his death in 1969. From 1917 until 1918, he studied architecture and naval engineering at Lehigh University before he graduated in 1923 with a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University. Hill went to Paris on a Fellowship and established a studio there, and attended the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and the Acadamie Colarossi. His scenes include action and his figures are elongated, just like those in the Mannerist style. Hill’s painting style that can only be compared to those of regionalists Grant Wood John, Steuart Curry, a New Deal muralist, Thomas Hart Benton. Some of his pieces of art were done for the Works Progress Administration, while other were stopped or destroyed because they were considered racist. For example, in 1966 one of his murals was torn by Joseph Waller, an activist, because the mural showed black entertainers and white sunbathers on the beach which Joseph Waller considered as depicting Negroes in a most derogatory, despicable manner. Judge John stopped another commission for work in a Clearwater courtroom because of similar reasons. Many of his art faced the same fate. Despite all that, framed George Hill art are still causing a lot of excitement among art collectors to date, and they can also be found in many galleries and museums all over the world.
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