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Leticia Herrera Art

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Leticia Herrera was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She builds her abstractions which are rich in pigments with the sensibility of a poet, infusing vulnerability and sensitivity into her bold fields of texture and color. She now lives and works in Mckinney, Texas. Her passionately energetic and fluid brushstrokes give her art a structural backbone to the physically powerful horizontal motion of these compositions. She studied at Louisiana State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. After graduation she worked for several years as a Creative Director before plunging headlong into a career as a professional artist. Leticia occasionally references landscape-like or figurative forms in her works. This makes her art to defy simplistic categorization and labels, and instead creates a personal visual dialog and style through the combination of acrylic paints, oils, and mixed media on canvas and linen. She dived into painting following the death of her closest friend. So through art she found a renewed sense of inspiration and joy for her life in the expression of her inner creativity. Leticia is a restless artist who always wants to keep her finger busy. Lucky she’s been receiving so many orders that keep her occupied nearly all the times. She produces her art in a variety of finishing options including framed Leticia Herrera art which usually come ready to hang. She has been to many art exhibitions and shows to showcase her works which have been warmly welcomed by many viewers and professionals.
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