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Martin Henson Art

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Framed Reaching Upwards50% Off Art Prints
Reaching Upwards
by Martin Henson
35" x 35" Frame
Price: $781.99 
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Martin Henson (Born 1952) was born in Adel Mill Farm in West Yorkshire. He’s primarily a Landscape photographer. All the pictures he has taken over the last few years were filling up his hard drive rapidly so he decided to launch a website to show the area around where he lives. Almost all his pictures are taken within a 25 mile radius of where he lives and he intends to shoot lots more to make his website to be one of the biggest landscape websites in the United Kingdom. His first camera was bought for him when he was only twelve years old and it was a Kodak 120 roll film. It is this camera that started his interest in photography. In the course of his work, he has won various competitions, mainly in black-and-white and many of his pictures have been published in nearly every popular photo magazine on the market. He first started in black-and-white developing and printing and gradually moved to color. Whilst trekking the moors, dales and hills he has become more aware of the landscape that he lives in. he says that we don’t own the landscape nor do we dictate to it. It is nature that does what it has to do in the most spectacular ways, Henson humbled by its beauty and power, and he has witnessed wondrous cloud formations, amazing light shows, and nature living in complete harmony equipped to cope with the elements. Henson aims to produce art that his clients can associate with. The framed Martin Henson art are a clear testimony to the dedication he has towards his work.
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