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Dirk Helmbreker Art

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Framed Studies of a Man Smoking and a Man Drinking
Studies of a Man Smoking and a Man Drinking
by Dirk Helmbreker
29" x 23" Frame
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Dirck Helmbreker, Teodoro Elembrech or Theodor Helmbreeker, (1633–1696) was born in Haarlem and became a pupil of Pieter de Grebber. He was a Dutch painter of Italianate landscapes. Helmbreker traveled to Rome at a young age, and that’s where he remained until his death. He arrived in Italy in 1654, and eventually settled in Rome by the end of the decade. His paintings style is that of a group of artists known as Houbraken or as the Bamboccianti, which is a specialization, in the manner of Pieter van Laer while in Rome, by Northern artists in small-scale genre scenes. Helmbreker was influenced by Sébastien Bourdon. He worked on several projects that have found their way into a number of high profile private and corporate companies. He sold his art to a number of individuals and companies. Because of the high demand for his pieces, several galleries stock ready to mount framed Dirck Helmbreker art, others also avail them in a variety of other finishing options. His genre scenes tended to be more classical in inspiration than many their earlier low-life scenes. The scenes were among the last generation of the Bamboccianti. His art found great success with Italian collectors, and even with collectors from other countries. In 1695, the Church of St. Julian of the Flemings in Rome commissioned Helmbreker to paint for them the main altar piece. Currently, that painting is in the possession of Pieter Klok. It shows a group of poor people in the foreground with an Italian monastery and with various handicaps being given soup from a large kettle. Helmbreker was very religious and he often donated to the poor of Rome.
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