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Elizabeth Hellman Art

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Elizabeth Hellman (Born 1972) is an artist who was born and raised in Brighton, Sussex but later moved to Somerset. She initially studied art at Brighton University, but later obtained a Botanical Painting Diploma with the Society of Botanical Artists in which she achieved a Distinction. Elizabeth paints in oils and watercolors. Her watercolor paintings are attractive, subtle and comprehensive, and can take many days or months to complete. The artist uses both dry and wet techniques with layers of colors. She’s inspired by the natural world, particularly the flowers. Elizabeth tries to capture the beauty she sees around her and convey it to others. For her oil paintings, she initially paints in monochrome, after which she adds thin layers of color carefully. This creates rich and vivid colors, a smooth texture, and depth. Each of her painting is slowly built up over several weeks and may take several months to finish. The artist is published by Medici Fine Art, Oberon Arts Ltd. and King and McGaw Fine Art Printers. Elizabeth exhibits regularly with the Society of Botanical Artists. She has also exhibited several times at the Brighton Festival, and also in Ditchling, Sussex with the Attic Club. She has had works that are part of the Brighton Festival in the Open House exhibitions. When not painting, the artist enjoys spending time in her garden or walking in the countryside. The framed Elizabeth Hellman art are in many collections and galleries all over the world. She’s inspired by the beauty of the natural world.
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