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Marlene Healey Art

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Marlene Healey (Born in 1952) was born in London, England. She’s a British/American artist who spent much of her childhood traveling to Germany, Paris, and back and forth from the United States to England. Her father was in the Air Force, and this helped her to learn how to adapt to different environments and also learnt different values. Marlene moved to the United States and studied science and art in Arizona at both Mesa and Scottsdale Community Colleges. She also studied at Arizona State University. Marlene describes her original paintings on canvas and paper as abstract designs with textural pieces. Using several layers of paint, she builds up textures in a natural way. Marlene’s work is very intuitive. She has never had a preconceived idea of what she was going to create, probably because she never wanted to be discouraged or disappointed. She believed that no one can ever make something look as good as it appears in their mind. Her convincing abstractions are becoming more and more abstract as she leans more toward different layers of textures and paint. She has had success by painting over the parts she doesn't like, throwing down the paint, and making elegant what pleases her. Marlene likes working with paint because she says it’s very forgiving. She can always change the image whenever she feels. In recent years, she has gone to acrylics from oils. Framed Marlene Healey art can be found in many collections and galleries in England and in many other countries. She has exhibited in England, Ambiente, Frankfurt, New York City and Los Angeles.
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