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Barry Hart Art

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Barry Hart was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At an early age, Barry loved singing. He found his way to the homeland of his heart, following siren’s song of the horse, from the Southwestern desert to the East and finally to the West. Barry learned the way of the horse and sang for a living. Singing was his life and he would sing all the time. Being romantic as he was, Barry was ultimately drawn to the camera and he fell in love with it as well. He would use photography as a means of sharing the magnificent details that he was seeing in every facet of God’s glorious creation. He has worked with world renowned western and equine photographers. Barry’s award winning images of cowboy lifestyle, horses, and nature are available as signed fine art prints, note cards and posters. In all his photographic works, heart is the operative term. Barry is so passionately involved with his art that every one of them is vividly expressing what he feels about the subject. His photos go far beyond the usual of theme,  his choice eclectic and its subjects unique. In his work, Barry communicates a full gamut of human sensation, from awe to understanding, from laughter to tears, and beyond. The multi-layered character of his work far exceeds the one-dimensional nature of the medium he has chosen. The images look real. That’s why they are so popular and many clients like to collect the ready-to-mount framed Barry Hart art.
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