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Linda Hanly Art

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Linda Hanly creates works where modern art meets the beauty of traditional art. She has developed a style that gives her he freedom to choose what she feels is best for a given project. Linda has loved art for as along as she can remember. She used to fill her school books with artwork whenever she had free time. She knew she would become an artist. She studied at the Academy of Art University -Santa Barbara, in California Area. She founded her own studio called Hanly Studio trough which she distributes her art. She creates meditative, calm atmosphere through interplay of light and balanced composition. The works of Linda can be found in many galleries all over the world – as framed Linda Hanly art. She specializes in still life, Portraiture and landscape painting, and it is in her studio that she shares her love and knowledge of creativity with her clients, with a hope that they can better their skills to reach their full potential in their own personal creative journeys. Her creations are inspired by her travels, by the people she has interacted with, and by her love of nature. Her skills include Fine Art, Still Life, Drawing, Galleries, Landscape Painting, Customer Service, Painting, Oil Painting, watercolor and Figurative art. Her art, especially the framed Linda Hanly art, are easily recognizable because of the unique style that she uses to create them. As an artist she’s admittedly quite diverse; she’s actively engaged in many projects and always has her hands full.
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