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7 Items
Framed Balcony Dance
Balcony Dance
by Robin Hall
18" x 22" Frame
Price: $215.99 
Sale: $107.99
Framed Chasing Shadows
Chasing Shadows
by Robin Hall
38" x 32" Frame
Price: $400.99 
Sale: $200.49
Framed Time of Quiet
Time of Quiet
by Robin Hall
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $435.99 
Sale: $217.99
Framed Falling Light
Falling Light
by Robin Hall
31" x 25" Frame
Price: $301.99 
Sale: $150.99
Framed Nido Del Alma
Nido Del Alma
by Robin Hall
31" x 25" Frame
Price: $302.99 
Sale: $151.49
Framed Spring's Splendor
Spring's Splendor
by Robin Hall
31" x 25" Frame
Price: $300.99 
Sale: $150.49
Framed Montage Beach
Montage Beach
by Robin Hall
44" x 34" Frame
Price: $822.99 
Sale: $411.49
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7 Items
Robin Hall (Born in 1962) was born in Belfast and grew up in home that was full of art. He was exposed to stacks of art books from an early age, and his Mothers paintings were always on the easels some being wet. His Grandmother was also a dealer in Antique Paintings, so in his life, art was a dominant force. As a child, he was exposed to the process of painting and this removed any reservation he might have had to jump in and explore it. He began with watercolor while he was in high school. This actually began as a hobby, but once graduated and married, Hall ventured into other trades which were not in the art world. While in his 30’s, he returned to painting just for the fun of it. He never imagined that art would again dominate his future or life. His studies and corresponding career as an illustrator, cartoonist and author have had a perceptible influence on his fine art paintings. His early work (in oil painting) mainly focused on the open fields, which even today, are still abundant in Orange County, California. He finds still life and architecture to be an attraction, but his favorite subjects are landscapes from near his home. He also enjoys drawing pets and wildlife. As an artist, he considers himself to be a student; he’s open to learning and continually seeking new techniques and directions, which keeps him immersed and challenged in his journey and the fun of painting. Framed Robin Hall art are very easy to identify because they are unique.
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