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Framed Drawings and Etchings Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) Wall Art

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Framed Caricature of Two Men Seen in Profile
Caricature of Two Men Seen in Profile
by Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
21" x 24"
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Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) (1591 - 1666) was born in Cento, Ferrara, Italy. His executions were extremely rapid and he was remarkable for this. He completed more than 100 large altarpieces for churches, and his other paintings also amount to more than 100. Since he was cross-eyed or guercio, he was nicknamed Guercino. He was born in poverty and was basically self-taught, though he had an opportunity and served an apprenticeship. He was also a prolific draftsman and his productions include many drawings, usually in washed ink, in ink, or red chalk. He was profoundly influenced by emotion of the Holy Family of Lodovico Carracci with Saint Francisin Bologna. He was also influenced by the family’s colorism and Lodovico himself encouraged him. Most of his art were made as preparatory studies for his paintings, but he also drew genre subjects, landscapes, and caricatures during his leisure time for his own enjoyment. From 1614 to 1621 Guercino worked for Pope Gregory XV in Rome. With Caravaggio's and Lodovico's works pointing the way, the artist was able to bring his viewers into the painting's space, adding greater emotional intensity and dramatic lights and darks. His drawings are known for their fluent style in which calligraphic rapid pen strokes combined with parallel hatching lines, dashes and dots to describe the forms. Many collectors like to stock large numbers of framed Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) art because they are the most preferred finishing option by many purchasers. He continued to teach and paint until he died in 1666, leaving behind a notable fortune.
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