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C.J. Groth Art

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Framed Cuban Cars II
Cuban Cars II
by C.J. Groth
23" x 18" Frame
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Price: $151.19 
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1 Item
Photographer C.J. Groth has been in the photography business for several years. Her photos can be viewed and purchased at several Key West Galleries including Key West Art Gallery & Gifts and Guild Hall Gallery. C.J. holds a bachelors degree in journalism and media communication. She holds a masters degree in the same and also holds an M.B.A. C.J. has earned both commercial success and artistic acclaim with her stunning photographic images. Her intense passion for bright colors and the nature of her subject matter has made her photos to be very popular. Many of C.J.’s photos are inspired by her own childhood, the places she has visited, and the people she has met. She displays photos of her travels through Cuba, the US, and Europe, a special portfolio and a seasonal autumn display of fantasy photos which she montages in Photoshop. The photos not only vary in subject matter but they also vary in size and media. She is an award-winning Key West photographer who displays and sells her Florida Keys photos online and at Guild Hall Gallery where her art is on permanent display. Her art has also been displayed in eleven other art galleries in Florida. Her photos have a wide following in both the art and commercial worlds. Some of the photographs grace the cover of the local BellSouth phonebook and two editions of “The Kenyon Review.” Framed C.J. Groth art are much sought after by many discerning collector. Her images of Cuba and the Florida Keys have won awards in international photographic competitions.
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