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Antoine-Jean Gros Art

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Framed Napoleon at the Battlefield of Eylau
Napoleon at the Battlefield of Eylau
by Antoine-Jean Gros
26" x 18" Frame
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Antoine-Jean Gros (March 1771 - June 1835) was born in an artistic family. He got his first lessons in art from his father who was a painter of miniatures. Starting art at such a young age made his learning process to be easier and he became a Romantic painter well known for his historical pictures in which he depicted significant events in the military career of Napoleon. In 1785 Gros joined Jacques-Louis David in his studio. David was his father’s friend whom he respected. However, David’s Neoclassical style was incompatible with Gros’ romantically passionate nature. Gros was more influenced by the color and energetic brushwork of Peter Paul Rubens and also by the Venetians than his contemporary Neoclassicists with their hard linearism. In 1793, he went to Italy, and while in Genoa, he met Napoleon through Joséphine de Beauharnais. Gros considered Napoleon to be his hero and they immediately struck a rapport. Gros was there when French’s flag was planted by Napoleon on the bridge in Arcole in 1796. He considered this a great event and immortalized it in his first major work. Napoleon was so impressed with his work and bestowed on him the rank of inspecteur aux revues. From then on, he accompanied Napoleon wherever he went for his campaigns and also helped select works of art for the Louvre from Italy. He produced many other pieces of artwork, and even today framed Antoine-Jean Gros art can be seen on the walls of many galleries around the world.
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