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Mick Gronek Art

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Southern California-based visual artist Mick Gronek has been involved in a process of exploration since 1977. His exploration is influenced by printmaking techniques and rooted in the traditions of painting.  His love for color, form and shape has inspired his most recent group of paintings. Gronek’s art has a certain cropped and close-up look, bringing the viewer into a scene to feel that he’s part of it. His approach to print-making takes an original twist and a fresh outlook. Through these techniques Gronek has crafted his own style and created his own interpretation of contemporary abstraction.  He studied at U.C. Riverside, after which he began to experiment the “chemical painting” process using various metals and patinas to create the images. Framed Mick Gronek art is available in many art stores all over the world. His posters, prints and art exemplify a unique style of design and color, breaking the forms of nature into gallant, more or less abstract patterns and shapes. He has exhibited in numerous one person and group shows, including juried shows by Peter Frank, an art critic and artists Laddie Dill and Judy Chicago, and his art has been featured in many publications. In his work, he sets into motion a partly unrestrained process of oxidation that continues to react to its environment in a varying state to produce the image.  The oxidized surface is then layered visually to create a haziness of spatial meaning and depth. He’s currently represented by Velocity Art and Design in Seattle, WA and Fresh Paint in Culver City; CA.
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