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Rene Griffith Art

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Rene Griffith lives and works on a barrier island in the east coast of Central Florida. He’s interested in taking his photography to another dimension by creating collages, painting, and drawing using his own photographs. He still enjoys traveling in search of attractive landscapes and still life subjects. He’s currently creating composite images and exploring HDR photography. Griffith has been an artist all of his life; painting and drawing as a youngster, and even taking photos with his little camera. In his adulthood, he studied life drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, graphic design and digital art. He loves both photography and painting. Mostly self-taught, he’s a photographer with the soul of a painter, and he often photographs old bicycles, cars, and vintage memorabilia. He had found a way to express himself using photography that had the painterly quality he was looking for. And for many years, Griffith explored emulsion transfers, Polaroid image transfers, and SX70 manipulations. He says that creating art is only half his goal; the other half is selling it. He’s a graduate of Taking the Leap business school for artists. He’s taken several workshops and classes on the business side of art, marketing art, sales, and has read everything he can find on the subject. His Master of Business Administration degree and marketing expertise gathered from running his own communications and graphic design company helped him understand what needed to be done to get his art out into the world. Today, framed Rene Griffith art is found in all corners of the world.
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