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Urs Graf Art

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Framed Dancing Peasant Couple
Dancing Peasant Couple
by Urs Graf
23" x 28" Frame
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Price: $275.99 
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Urs Graf (Born in 1485) was a Swiss visual artist who had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center and at the Kunstmuseum Basel. He initially earned money by assisting a stained glass painter and as a designer of woodcut book illustrations. Several of his works have been sold at auction; including Judas Brings Back the Pieces of Silver; Christus before Hannas; Christ before Pilate – the Freeing of Barrabas; 6 Works: The Jews Threaten Christ with Stoning; Christus before Herod, Kaiphas Tears his Cloak; and The flagellation. There have been several articles about him, including one at The J. Paul Getty Museum, titled A Light Touch: Exploring Humor In Drawing, and was written for ArtDaily in 2008. Graf was known to have worked as a mercenary for considerable periods, just like many Swiss men of his day. His artistic output includes a wide range of subjects and they arise from the tradition of Hans Baldung and Albrecht Dürer, depicting religious, political, criminal, social, erotic and military images. Graf was the son of a goldsmith called Hugo Graf, and he must have studied first under his father and later at Basel, where he followed the style of draftsman Hans Baldung-Grien and of the German painter Albrecht Dürer Dürer’s assistant. In 1509, he settled in Basel where he executed his masterpiece as a goldsmith. The artist died in 1527. His surviving works include several woodcuts, a number of etchings, engravings, nielli plus and hundred drawings, most of which are dated and signed with his monogram. Several ready to hang framed Urs Graf art are available in the market today.
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