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Bobbie Goodrich Art

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Bobbie Goodrich is a teacher and fine art photographer hailing from Santa Fe in New Mexico. Her interpretative works of art are influenced by her years of work as an oil painter. Her expertise in using imaging software to develop innovative techniques to transform her captured images into stunning fine art has gained her worldwide acknowledgment and renown to her personal work. Bobbie has exhibited in many locations including Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, Jay Magdison Fine Art Gallery, Aspen Colorado, The Westin Hotel in Dallas, Texas, and Santa Fe, NM Group Exhibition, among others. Bobbie has won attention worldwide as a fine art photographer with her stunning and unique imagery. Her love for teaching has connected her to students from around the world. Many of the students have already gained recognition under her mentorship. Her work as a photographer started out as a reference point for her needs as an oil painter. She found immense satisfaction behind the camera and jumped into the digital arena in its infancy. Her process is highly intuitive and she draws upon the same principles required for creating a successful oil canvas. Her process demands an emotional response from the viewer and excites their feeling. Bobbie conducts photographic tours and workshops, and has produced live webinars for software companies including Nik, Topaz and NANPA, in which Bobbie introduces her art and approach to photographic enhancement of digital images. Framed Bobbie Goodrich art hang on the walls of many prestigious buildings around the world.
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