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Felice Giani Art

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Framed Allegory on the Life of Canova
Allegory on the Life of Canova
by Felice Giani
29" x 20" Frame
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Felice Giani (Born 1758) was an Italian draughtsman and painter of the Neoclassic style. He was born near Alessandria in San Sebastiano Curone. He later moved to Pavia where he studied with Antonio Galli Bibiena and Carlo Bianchi. In 1778, he moved to Bologna and entered the studio of Ubaldo Gandolfi and Domenico Pedrini. He never took long in Bologna. He moved to Rome where he found work of decorating the Palazzo Altieri. From 1780 to 1786, Giani worked in various studios in Rome, under many accomplished artists including Christoph Unterberger and Pompeo Batoni. Giani decorated many public buildings and palaces in Rome, Venice, and many cities in France and in Emilia Romagna. He did this together with a team of craftsmen and artists. Giani then returned north where he worked in Faenza with Serafino Barozzi, the quadratura painter, and with Ballanti Giovanni Battista. While in Faenza Giani was involved in a creative series of projects including the decoration of the Milzetti, Naldi and Laderchi Palaces. He also created a studio in which he had Antonio Trentanove, Gaetano Bertolani, the brothers Marcantonio and Trifogli Ballanti Graziani as his pupils. Giani was in touch with many prominent people on the international cultural scene, and is known to have played a significant role in the development of the Neoclassical style. His work is held in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Framed Felice Giani art are found with many collectors all over the world. Giani died in 1823 after he fell from his horse in Rome.
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