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Framed Georgia O'Keeffe Landscape Paintings

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Framed From the Lake No. 1
From the Lake No. 1
by Georgia O'Keeffe
25" x 29" Frame
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Price: $237.59 
Framed Red Hills and White Shell, 1938
Red Hills and White Shell, 1938
by Georgia O'Keeffe
16" x 14" Frame
Price: $126.89 
Framed Ends of Barns, 1922
Ends of Barns, 1922
by Georgia O'Keeffe
17" x 14" Frame
Price: $128.69 
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3 Items

Framed O'Keeffe Landscapes

Paving the way for American Modernism, Georgia O’Keeffe is known as the “Mother of American modernism.” A forerunner of precisionism, she has left her mark on the modern art world forever. Her subjects of wild desert scenes evoke a western spirit. Framed Georgia O’Keeffe landscape art is a necessity for any modern art collection and is not to be missed.

Framed Georgia O’Keeffe paintings are iconic by their precisionism style and capture American scenes of the western wilds. “Pelvis with the Distance” displays a pelvic bone acting as a window into the expansive plains beyond, the blue sky stretching out to the ends of time. “Red Hills and White Shell, 1938,” is a unique scene of the jagged red stained hills; the delicate pearlescent sheen of a white shell in contrast sits in the foreground.
Framed Georgia O’Keeffe art captures the landscapes of modern buildings. “Another Church, Hernandez, New Mexico,” is done is muted sandy browns, depicting a hacienda style building, situated in front of golden rolling hills doted in green shrubs and a bright blue sky hanging overhead. Contrasting the sharp squared lines of a red barn and the soft edges of a sand mound, “Ends of Barns, 1922” is a somber look into life on the plains done in a precisionism style.

Shrouded in a heavy cloud of mist, “Waterfall No. III ‘Iao Valley,” is a beautiful look into the lush water lined canyon of the ‘Iao Valley. “The Red Hills, Grey Sky,” captures the sandy red hills rolling across the dim grey sky.
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