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Dolan Geiman Art

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Dolan Geiman (Born 1977) was born in Hermitage, VA. He spent his formative years exploring his native surroundings, rummaging through abandoned houses, and accompanying his parents on their artistic and agrarian endeavors. He listened to midnight mockingbirds, caught crickets, bailed hay, and painted with mud. Through these explorations, his fascination with rural America, nature, and the discarded was born. The art he produces contain materials truly special to him for their ability to stir wonder and tell a story of the rugged American landscape. He’s an internationally recognized mixed media artist who creates constructions, collages, original paintings, and limited-edition reproductions. Geiman's eco-friendly artwork is produced from found objects, salvaged wood and other recycled materials. His art emerges from a contemporary, urban style infused with a folk art tradition. He’s the owner of Dolan Geiman Inc. which partners with international retailers to develop products, license artwork, host marketing events, and build window displays. Geiman is a graduate of James Madison University from where he obtained a BFA in 2001. He specialized in sculpture, printmaking, and biology. After graduation, he worked for the USDA Forest Service as an Interpretive Naturalist before moving to Chicago in 2002 where he met his present day wife and business partner Marie Ali. The couple continues to work together from a studio location in the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, producing high quality art including framed Dolan Geiman art. He sells his handcrafted 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional mixed media artwork at art fairs with his wife. His portfolio includes collage portraits of classic American Animalia and icons, artificial-taxidermy wall sculptures, and a large number of mixed media works.
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