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Connie Geerts Art

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Connie Geerts (Born 1965) is a Canadian artist well known for her sculptural works. Being the youngest child, she had a lot of freedom to explore things around her and would spend time in the evenings drawing together with her siblings. Connie grew up in Southwestern Ontario on a farm, an environment that also provided for her creativity, owing to the beautiful things she came across. It was in 1987 that she embarked on serious art making after she relocated to the West Coast in a bid to secure a platform to display her artistic works. Back then, she was working with different media, but after some time, she decided to settle on acrylic and hasn’t changed since. Besides her painting career, she also went into the job market, taking a video editing job and would later embrace sculpting as well. Connie’s consistency and improved skills saw her works begin to pay off. She later joined the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild. In 1997, Connie decided to do more of showcasing her creative pieces, availing them in a number of galleries. It’s through such exhibitions that she built a name and has since been represented by several galleries. While her job consumed her time and was indeed exciting, she still felt a deep urge to paint more. This went on until 2000 when she made up her mind to move to Calgary, Alberta, where she could get more time to focus on painting. Interestingly, her video editing experience became a major influence of her work and added to their uniqueness. Connie continues to work in acrylic painting while also devoting time to discover possibilities in sculpture. For those who would like canvas, laminated, or framed Connie Geerts art, they can be found in galleries and art dealerships ready for use.
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