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Framed Teddy Bears #2
Teddy Bears #2
by Anne Geddes
40" x 32" Frame
Price: $416.99 
Sale: $208.49
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Anne Geddes (Born 1956) is a self-taught photographer. She taught herself photography by creating her own personal style which she developed from a unique style to an art form. She started experimenting with photography in the early 1980s and around 1986, she began to adapt her current direction. Anne’s style has helped make her renowned photographer all over the world, especially for her photos of babies and children in which she often portrays them as fairy-tale creatures, animals or flowers. She currently works and lives in North Queensland, Australia. She took professional photos in Hong Kong by the time she was living there with her husband, Kel Geddes, and she started a small business of portraiture of small children and babies that belonged to her acquaintances and neighbors. Her style is based on depicting the character and personality of children through her artwork in a more natural way. Anne once stated that she doesn’t believe it makes sense to dress children in their Sunday best and then pose them in unnatural situations. After the family returned to Australia, the photographer started producing holiday photographic cards for her friends and family. The reception was overwhelming and this led to her to launch a customized greeting card business. She produced art in a variety of finishing options, including framed Anne Geddes art. Her art is also available in many online stores. She has two daughters Kelly and Stephanie who are a great source of inspiration to her. Anne started a studio in 1988 upon relocating to Auckland, New Zealand.
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